Business Phone Systems

The extreme advancements in cell phone technology have affected all of our business and our personal lives. Smartphones continue to make amazing advancements at an alarming rate. But our business phones are very often ignored which is a risk to our businesses especially in a world where mobility is paramount.

We have a solution and it’s VOIP. This is Voice Over Internet. This is software driven phones for business that unlock amazing potential at rates that the big bell companies can’t touch.

Moving to VOIP means that you will update your phone system, and unlock amazing business features (conference calling, forwarding, attendant call menus, ring strategies, business hours rules, more) at approximately 50% of what the big phone companies will charge for less capabilities.

Many companies have multiple lines to handle multiple inbound calls simultaneously. This can get expensive on a month-to-month basis. With typical VOIP systems, a single phone number (typically the main line) can handle dozens of simultaneous calls.

But there isn’t enough receptionists to handle all that extra call capacity! This is why high volume businesses will use a call queue which routes incoming calls to an available associate while other’s wait their turn in the queue. Also, you can keep those secondary over-flow numbers at only a few dollars per month per line.

Moving to VOIP means that you will be able to remove all that older phone equipment hung up on a wall, closet or in the basement of the building. That equipment doesn’t have much value in today’s market and it’s getting more difficult to find someone to program those systems.

Sussex Service can repair and program your old Polycom (or similar PBX) system but the more modern option is to move to VOIP. We partner with OnSIP who seems to have the best mix of feature, functionality and costs. Their reliability is amazing but their customer service is even better; all local to the easter US.

Let us know if you are interest in starting the ‘VOIP migration’ discussion; we can make this painless while helping to modernize your entire office environment. You will be thrilled with new phone technology; you will be surprised how much a new phone system will change your office setting! Of course, we can provide ongoing support as well.

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